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23 May 2013 @ 03:53 am
This week has been literally ridiculous, then this goes and happens.
for people in the UK I'm sure you've seen the Woolwich Machete attack today on the news, which is apparently politically motivated. naturally in true dramatic style it's on Gary's street, you more or less have to walk past to get to his from the town centre and today has been utter carnage and they closed down most of the roads in and out.

It takes literally nothing to cause violence here, two people at the traffic lights on push bikes started throwing punches in the hour afterwards and kids are probably just the worst kind of people. they're queuing up to see who can get the closest look because apparently seeing a beheaded soldier means you're special, just millions of camera phones and gawkers as if the actual news isn't horrific enough.

I realised earlier on the guy who actually killed him was preaching in the centre a few weeks back, I knew I recognized him but didn't know how, and tonight at about nine the English Defence League has rolled in because naturally two singular muslims commit a crime and it's the business of a bunch of fascists to defend us poor white people by of course making everything a million times worse, the stupidest part of it all is the two actual criminals aren't here so who are you fighting? throwing bricks at the police, because them having to turn up at that scene, remove the body of a young man shoot down two others, secure evidence and fill out IPCC paperwork for a reduced wage and pension wasn't enough bullshit to deal with for one day you need to bring your superior intellect to the party.
Apparently we're at war with Islam, as if it's all that black and white, good vs bad.

I can't get over the brutality of it, the sheer utter awfulness to do such a thing to another human being just defies logic. Life is so ridiculously fragile.
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Amandaonthaedge on May 23rd, 2013 03:21 am (UTC)
Wow, I didn't even know about this. What the fuck is wrong with people?! This is horrifying.
Gemma -: Kennedys - Teddy Profile.jacks_echo on May 23rd, 2013 03:43 am (UTC)
it's been the only news here all day, but they didn't actually call it a "terrorist" attack till much later, so now it's even bigger news then it would have been before. I know, the death in itself is horrific but to just butcher a 20 year old on the pavement in broad daylight, it just doesn't bare thinking about because it could have been any young man.
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Gemma -: Kennedys - Teddy Profile.jacks_echo on May 27th, 2013 07:53 pm (UTC)
It just doesn't seem real, you watch the news all the time and see terrible things but when you see it on the street you walk a million times over it seems like some kind of violation being so close, like violence only happens in other cities to other people.

I can't not i'm obsessed by the news and yet it scares the shit out of me, I know it's making me anxious and yet I just can't pull myself away from it as if by knowing it somehow makes it not happen.

Precisely, EDL seem to think they've got free reign to speak on behalf of all white people now as if we need them to defend us, they delude themselves that they're soldiers fighting some unseen force, real soldiers like Lee Rigby take their lives into their hands to defend human life against the Taliban whilst they stand on the very soil they fight to protect hurling abuse and missiles at everyone who isn't white, women children, Sikhs, Muslims it's all the same to them I'm struggling to see how they perceive themselves as not being the enemy of this country they're just as bad as any terrorist.

Exactly, killing a solider won't change foreign policy and it certainly won't make the government more receptive to any demands, much like the IRA terror hasn't solved anything in the long run it just makes the government more inclined to dig it's heels in and hold out.

it was absolutely brutal, the day after they're showing edited blurred footage, at the time the footage of his killers waving around bloodied knives was aired unedited, his body seen in the street and constant aerial footage of the carnage on the street over and over especially on sky as it's rolling news they just repeat themselves intermittently it was just utterly brutal.

then again I felt the same way when newspapers were showing the photographs of Gaddafi's death front page on every single paper, it just seemed excessively violent for something most children in Britain would see eating their breakfast first thing in the morning, by all means his death is no cause for sorrow but the brutality of it doesn't need to be revelled in.

Do you ever wonder what our children will be shocked by? because they'll have had this shoved in their faces from such an early age it doesn't bare thinking about what it will take to shock people in a decades time.